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I was always under the impression that for these kind of gains I had to basically go out and "work myself to death" to get this kind of hang time and to soar through the air with utter brilliance and beauty. I was so wrong with my high flying dreams and now I offer these game changing secrets to you with no risk at all!


Knowing this new secret information, I immediately started to use it and it didn't take long to start seeing some eye-popping results! In fact my first dunk came as a real shock in a practice game a few weeks later. I was posting up, when I did a quick drop step move and then...SLAM I did a high flying tomahawk dunk over the guy that was guarding me. I didn't even realize what I had done until about 5 minutes later when one guy looked at me and winked! He knew I had the power within and it felt so good it was like a new me with the most confidence in my game ever! I was totally in shock at what I had done. In fact after the game I went and jammed home a few more just to prove to myself I wasn't dreaming.


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-Francis Allen - Provo, UT