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How To Jump Higher

So you want to jump higher huh? You want to soar like Michael Jordan right? Well whether you have purchased Jump Science™ the best selling Jump improvement program out there or not we can still help you learn about the proper way to jump. While this may sound easy believe it or not many athletes don't even come close to their full jumping ability!

So lets get started on the fundamentals of proper jumping. After you have absorbed this then simply incorporate thse techniques with the Jump Science™ program and fulfill your soaring vertical dreams!

First lets look at the first fundamental "The Crouch". The crouch is the amount that your legs bend when you get ready to jump. The best position for the crouch is to have the knee on your lead leg either directly over your toe or slightly in front of it. When this is mastered you are putting all your leg strength into the ground and not wasting any valuable jumping power.

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Next lets look at fundamental two for better jump form. This is called "The Heel Toe Push". Once in the crouch position and ready to leap into the air you will use the heel toe push to lift yourself off the floor. As your momentum and strength begin to take you airborne you must shift the momentum from your heel to the balls of your feet. Now you are ready to explode that jump! Take all that power, strength, and speed and drive it right into the floor hard with your toes and simply "Spring" off the floor into the air!

Okay so now we know about "The Crouch" and "The Heel-Toe Push". The third fundamental of explosive jumping is called "Blocking". Once you are airborne and your jump has begun you still need to drive yourself into the air. This is done by using a technique called blocking. Proper blocking is done by driving the other knee from which you pushed from. Doing this while driving youyr arms into the air will increase your momentum greatly and help propel your body further upwards!

Using these fundamentals and mastering them will only further increase the results from the Jump Science supplement and exercise program! Good luck and continue practicing as practice always is the pre cursor for perfection!

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