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How To Jump Higher

In this next section we will learn about increasing your hang time. Hang time is simply the time in which your body is airborne and your feet are off the ground! This is by far the most fun to watch especially when its you who is mastering the air time!

There is a formula that we use when talking about hang time and that is of course the "Hang Time Formula" which goes like this: Speed + Strength + Height = Hang Time . It is the collection of those three attributes which gives you hang time. I can bet you a million dollars that the lion in the picture below is not slacking on this leap. A lion actually uses the same jumping concepts as we are describing here!

Secrets To Jumping Higher

Strength is important to the hang time formula and that is partly what the Jump Science capsules contribute to. They help concentrate your vital nutrients to your leg muscles and the muscles in your legs which usually dont get much attention from your body. Your legs must be in good physical condition or you will not be able to jump very high at all let alone have great hang time either. The best thing you can do is get your legs in the best ondition you can. The Jump Science capsules have all the goodness and secret herb blends that help keep your metabolic pathways clear and your muscle tissue oxegenated for amazing conditioning results when combined with the special Jump Science™ leg exercises and conditioning drills.

Next is speed. Speed is equally important as this is what will help increase your hang time. Speed enables you to jump higher and jump longer because more speed equals more force which equals more upwards motion which equals more hang time! The extra speed that you force into the ground enables you to jump much higher than if you were say 2 steps slower and also the faster you are moving at any point in your leap plays a huge factor in the quality and height of your overall jump!

Now how long you actually stay in the air is a direct result of the height you were able to get during the beginning of your leap. Many time athletes will only jump as high as they need to especially in training workouts and even in championship games believe it or not. If you want to work on this then try to jump your best every time when you jump. In many instances this will mean jumping over your intended target especially when you are on offense and are attcking the hoop!

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