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Because the camp experience will have significant impact on your child's life, itís important for parents to learn to choose a camp wisely. Many parents can benefit from guidance in this area. For example, some parents may send a child to a camp they attended without considering how the camp may have changed or the differences between the parent's and the child's needs and desires. In other cases, children go to a camp that a friend has enjoyed, assuming they will enjoy it too. All too often, this assumption proves wrong.

The purpose of this section is to help parents consider the key factors in making a well-informed choice of camp. While thereís no easy way to find the best camp for your child, this section will provide you with some basic guidelines for making this very important decision.


Regardless of the age of your child, it is important that the ultimate selection of a camp accommodate all or some of the needs, interests, goals, and expectations of both parent and child. The parent must make an effort to understand what the child wants and why. A good way to begin is to sit down as a family and respond to the following questions:

What do you and your child want to gain from the camp experience ? Learn new skills, develop more self confidence, improving proficiency in certain areas, become more independent?
What are other expectations of the camp experience?
What are the special interests that your child wants to explore?
Are there any physical, intellectual, or social limitations that should be considered?
What kind of emphasis will your child profit from the most? For example: Is a lot of structure desirable, is social interaction with members of the opposite sex important, or does your child need a place where he or she is encouraged to develop at their own pace?
You may have other concerns that you'll want to keep in mind as you go through your selection process. If so, write them down below.
With the above information in mind, it is appropriate to look at some of the specific characteristics that should be considered in determining what you and your child want. These characteristics include:



Generally, camps are coed, all boys, all girls, or brother and sister. In a coed camp, there may be extensive interaction between boys and girls through activities or through the use of common facilities such as waterfront and dining hall. Brother/sister camps may provide for some social interaction but normally they have separate activities and facilities for boys and girls. They may be located adjacent to each other or may be miles apart. Sleepaway camps provide a summer residential program where campers enjoy daily and evening activities. Depending on the type of program chosen, a camp experience can range anywhere from one week to an entire summer. Questions to Address: In considering sleepaway camp, parents should keep a few questions in mind:

Is your child ready for a sleepaway experience? What is expected from the camp experience? What type of camp fits best with parent work schedules and family vacation times? What are the total costs of sleepaway camp? Take a moment to consider the type of camp that makes the most sense for your child and try to develop your reasons for those preferences.

Is it Coed, All Boys, All Girls, or Brother/Sister? Is it General, Specialty, Academic, Travel, or Special Needs? After you have gone through your preferences and reasons, make a note of any additional questions or concerns that you still have.


Camps may vary in size from under 100 campers to more than 400. Smaller camps may foster a very special environment where campers and staff really get to know each other, and where individual needs can be quickly met. Large camps are often organized into small units thus making it possible to receive the same kind of attention offered by a smaller camp. This is a complex issue that will require special attention and investigation. In a good camp there may be little correlation between size and the quality of the total camp experience.

If you feel your child requires special attention in an area such as confidence building, it is probably more important to find out how a camp meets that need rather than getting hung up on size. In this regard, you might want to keep these kinds of questions in mind: What do you do to prevent campers from getting lost in the shuffle? Can a below average athlete feel comfortable in trying new things and in working on skills at his or her own pace? What is done to promote a sense of self worth? The answers to such questions and others will help you identify appropriate camps and as you move toward a final selection.


Many parents needlessly limit their search for a camp by looking in one state or by choosing an arbitrary distance from home. More important than distance, are the related questions involving camp environment, security, medical facilities, and accessibility.

In choosing a location you might also want to consider the cost for you to visit the camp, and the proximity to camps your other children are attending during the summer. Keep in mind that there are excellent camps in many states, and that if your child is having a good experience, distance will not make a great deal of difference. Which is more important - choosing the right camp based on your child's interests/needs or the comfort of knowing your child's camp is close to home?


As you might imagine, camps have all kinds of program offerings. Some camps may emphasize one activity while others will offer a wide array of programs. Camps in which a camper would devote a majority of his or her time to one activity are often referred to as Specialty Camps. In these camps, staff and facilities are geared to provide an intensive experience in a single area such as tennis, horseback riding, gymnastics, sailing or wilderness. Naturally, these camps have other facilities and activities that provide campers with additional experiences. A more traditional camp program tends to be broader in terms of what it offers.

Most general camps will provide programs in some team sports such as baseball and soccer, individual sports like tennis, and waterfront activities such as swimming and sailing, as well as some outdoor life options in hiking and canoeing. Many of these camps also provide campers with the opportunity to get extra instruction in any of the areas that are offered. In making a decision about camp, it is vital that you and your child look into the total camp program and that you examine the quality of the staff and facilities available to support that program. Show Tech - One of our best selling supplements. Named the teen bodybuilding site of the month in 2001 and 2004 "Show Tech" changes body building as we know it! "Show Tech" gives fast muscle growth superior muscle toning and is used worldwide with various body building exercises and programs. Muscle mass gains of ten plus pounds have been recorded in just a handful of days. Powerful muscle growth and enhancement without steroid dangers. Muscle growth 100% guaranteed! Perfect for use with our high grade creatine "CreaBlast" capsules!

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